03-19-2018 Workshop Meeting

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REGULAR VILLAGE BOARD MEETING                                   



March 19, 2018


Mayor opens Village Board meeting


Pledge of Allegiance


Present: Mayor Miccio, Deputy Mayor Newhard, Trustees Ferrara, Vetare and Phillips, Deputy Clerk Daniel Borchert


Mayor entertains motion to approve the minutes of Mach 5th meeting, So Move, Deputy Mayor Newhard, Seconded Trustee Vetare, discussion, none, all in favor, Trustees Ferrara and Phillips Abstained: Trustee Vetare Aye, Deputy Mayor Newhard, Aye, Mayor, Aye. carried


Mayor reads abstracts:

General $35,976.35

Water $10,486.08

Sewer $24,801.29

Trust & Agency $13,196

Capital Projects Firehouse renovations and Fire truck  $23,000

Bond Anticipation Note: Village Hall Renovations $40,969.30


Mayor entertains motion to approve abstracts as read, So Move Trustee Ferrara, Seconded, Deputy Mayor

Newhard, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  Motion carried.


Mayor entertains motion to set a public hearing for the Budget 2018-2019 on April 2, 2018 at 7pm, So Move Trustee Phillips, Seconded, Deputy Mayor Newhard, Discussion, none, all in favor, Aye. Carried


Discussion regarding NYClass an investment funds for public municipal corporations.  Mayor entertains motion to authorize Mayor to sign contract with NYClass, So Move, Trustee Phillips, Seconded, Deputy Mayor Newhard, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  Carried


Ray VanVoorhis (Architect) and Julie Spann (Fishkill Rotary) present to discuss plans for the War Memorial beautification. Plans include cleaning, prune trees/bushes, flower beds. 




Building Inspector – Read by Tom Vantine, on file


Fire: Read by Mayor, submitted by Chief Knapp


Justice report submitted by Court Clerk and read by Mayor


Police report read by Commissioner Scofield, Jr.


Water/Sewer: Read by Dave Morrison, on file


Ambulance report submitted


Mayor entertains motion to rescind the temporary appointment of Deputy Mayor from Trudi Newhard and appoint as Deputy Mayor Peter Phillips, So Move Trustee Newhard, Seconded, Trustee Vetare, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  Carried.


Noted: Deputy Mayor Phillips leaves meeting @ 7:30


Join meeting with the Town of Fishkill begins


Supervisor LaColla introduces Board: Councilman Ori Brachfeld, Councilman Doug McHoul, Councilwoman Jacqueline Bardini, Town Clerk Becki Tompkins, Councilman Adams is absent


Mayor introduces Village Board


Summary of discussion:


Town is in the process of updating their local zoning regulations


Aquifer protection: Town working with E. Fishkill, Beacon, Town and Village of Wappingers; a draft MOU will be distributed when complete. Mayor: The Village of Fishkill, in the past, created a watershed protection plan for the Village part of the Aquifer, which could be incorporated with what the others come up with.


Town working on Hudson energy programs:  Mayor has issue with energy programs due to the fact the State Law reads that residents would have to “opt out” of a program; not “opt in”.


Shirley Avenue Intersection at Rt. 52 discussion of no left turn


Culvert inspection Report


DOT Bridgework on Rt. 9


Dutchess Park Sewer rate increase $0.10 South Sewer


Discussion of installing meter for sewer use at Toll Bros. – Will revisit contract and discuss possible resolution


Anthony Brozier is on T/Planning Board


Discussion regarding Dutchess parcel Access not being updated with the Village Properties improvements; Village may be losing money on tax base

Town getting close to final design at intersection of Brinkerhoff and Merritt; probably a year away


Councilman McHoul asks if there might be any kind of contingency the Town and Village can come up with regarding the bridgework on Rt. 9 and the traffic issues it will result in…


Miscellaneous discussions


Trustee Ferrara moves to adjourn, Seconded Trustee Newhard, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  Motion carried.  


Submitted by:




Angela Arasim, CMC, RMC

Village Clerk



Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 09:30


Village Board

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