7/3/17 Village Board Workshop

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July 3, 2017


Mayor opens workshop meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Present: Mayor Miccio, Trustee Anthony Brozier, Trustee Ferrara, Village Clerk Angela Arasim, absent are Trustee Newhard and Deputy Mayor Phillips.

Abstracts read:

General $91,717.38

Water $16,244

Sewer $16,534.49

Capital Projects Weston Avenue Water Main $6,705

Trust & Agency $1,919.25

Mayor entertains motion to approve abstracts as read, So Move, Trustee Ferrara, Seconded, Trustee Brozier, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye; Carried.

Trustee Brozier moves to hire new part time police officer, Kevin Carroll, Seconded Trustee Ferrara, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye. Carried.

Trustee Ferrara, moves to adjourn workshop meeting, Seconded, Trustee Brozier, discussion, none, all in favor, Aye.  Carried

Mayor opens joint meeting with Town of Fishkill Board

Members present, Town Supervisor, Bob LaColla, Councilmen, Doug McHoul, Larry Cohen and Tom Adams, Councilman Brachman absent.

Supervisor LaColla congratulates Village Mayor and Trustees on their re-election and thanks the Board for having the joint meeting.

Supervisor LaColla gives an update of projects and discussions currently happening in the Town of Fishkill; meter replacements, Fox Ridge Sewer System, Snook Road Well, Overlay Zone, Paving projects, Metro North Beacon Line, 441 unit Apt complex on 9D, Assisted Living facility, and consideration of a fee per room in hotels towards a fund for recreation fee.

Trustee Ferrara discusses residents of Town and Village property damage from Central Hudson installing gas lines; discussion of possibly creating a restoration bond for any future outside projects.

Trustee Brozier suggests that when the Town is developing their tax rates to keep the Village Board advised. Supervisor LaColla agrees and will invite Village Board to meeting when budget is presented and discussed.

Discussion of developing a shuttle between Beacon and Fishkill; a “transportation group” is formed to discuss possibilities of a shuttle service from Beacon train, to Fishkill/Village of Fishkill hotels and Main Street; Trustee Brozier will be coordinating group with Councilman McHoul.

Councilman McHoul discusses the traffic danger along 52 East of Rt. 9 and possible solutions

Hans Klingzahn, Chairman Village Planning Board states DOT has been involved in discussions regarding traffic problems in that area

Supervisor LaColla discusses possible pedestrian walkway at Blodgett to go over creek to get to shopping area; Mayor states a better location would be at end of Jackson; all thoughts being considered.

Next joint meeting will be at Town Hall on October 4th at 7pm.

Joint meeting adjourned


Submitted by

Angela Arasim, CMC, RMC

Village Clerk


Monday, July 3, 2017 - 19:00


Village Board

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