Mayor Miccio Responds to Town of Fishkill

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Letter to the editor

Response to Supervisor Bob LaColla comments published in the Southern Dutchess News:

At a recent Town of Fishkill Board meeting reported in the Southern Dutchess News, Supervisor LaColla stated, when talking about a water rate increase, the Glenham Water District is going from $55.00 per quarter to $65.19 per quarter for the first quarter. He said “it’s an older area and the district receives water from the Village of Fishkill. We pay more for that [water] coming into the pipe”. I do take issue with the insinuation that the rate increase was due to the Village charging more for the water necessitating the increase.  This is not the first time the Village has been falsely accused of being the reason for water rate increases and I am compelled to set the record straight this time.

First, when renegotiating the long term contract between the Village and the Town for the Glenham Water District, the Village began the discussions by offering to reduce the long standing contract provision of charging the Town 1.65 % of the standard Village water rate to 0% by the end of the contract.

Second, the Village has not increased water rates since 2013, so any increase incurred by the Glenham Water District since then was not due to an increase by the Village.

Third, in 2013 the contract price was $12.516 per 1000 cubic feet, today it is $12.07 per 1000 cubic feet.

So as stated above, the Village of Fishkill is not responsible for this water rate increase instituted by the Fishkill Town Board.


James J. Miccio, Mayor

Village of Fishkill