Meeting Minutes 4-19-2018 Planning Board

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                                                          April 19, 2018





          Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:00 pm.


Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn, Cris Phillips, Theresa Cuchelo, Stephen Brown and Reylene

VanGeldern. Also present: Michael Gallante and Sarah Brown, Frederick P. Clark Associates,

Village Planners, Larry Paggi , Village Engineer. Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney and Don Van Nostrand, Board Secretary.


Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting held on February 15, 2018. Cris Phillips, so moved. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.                            


Public Hearing:                                                                                              


            1. None




            1. Riverside Bank                    - 701 Route 9                                 - Sign Permit Application

                Applicant:                                                                                    - Grace Rusekas

                                                                                                                         GNS Group LTD

                                                                                                                         97 North Clinton St.

                                                                                                                         Poughkeepsie, NY 12601     


             Grace Rusekas authorized representative for Riverside Bank (formally Orange County Bank

             and Trust) informed the board that the bank was applying to change the sign on the ATM 

             machine to Riverside Bank.


             Chairman Klingzahn reads a memo from the Village building inspector, Tom VanTine

             stating that the proposed signage complies to regulation. Chairman Klingzahn entertains

             a motion.


             Cris Phillips moves to approve the sign permit application for Riverside Bank, 701 Route 9

             as per application. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none, all in favor. Aye.

             Motion carried.


             Chairman Klingzahn announces that the agenda is being changed because of an unforeseen

             conflict that came up and Ready Coffee will be next. 



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          2. Ready Coffee                      - 986 Main Street                   - Site Plan/Special Use Permit

             Applicants:                          - Jennifer VanTuyl                - Attorney, Cuddy & Feder LLP         

                                                           - Jed Bonnem                         - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                           - Stephen Dunn                      - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                           - Jamie Logiudice                  - Insite Engineering, Surveying

                                                           - Marissa Tarallo                   - Traffic Consultant

                                                           - Norm DiChiara                   - Architect


        Attorney Jennifer VanTuyl representing the Ready Coffee project informed the board that

        they have been before the board several months and the presentation tonight will be focused on

        vehicle circulation within the site. This is an issue we have been addressing over the last few



        Jed Bonnem reintroduced the concept of Ready Coffee and explained that they were a local

        company and their roasting facility is on Route 376 in East Fishkill.


        Jamie Logiudice, Insite Engineering presented the updates to the proposed 501 square foot kiosk

        and pointing out the changes made to the parking spaces on the site plan and changes to the drive

        through lane.


        Marissa Tarallo, Traffic Consultant addressed the traffic flow on the proposed site and pointed

        out the changes made based on the comments received at the last meeting.


         Chairman Klingzahn received comments from the Village Fire Department requesting that six

         feet of the curbing be eliminated so that the Village ladder engine can make the turn and not do

         damage to the fire equipment.


         Michael Gallante, F.P Clark Associates and consultant to the Village of Fishkill Planning Board

         addressed their review of the project and was satisfied with the changes that were made to the

         site plan based on their suggestions.


         Sarah Brown, Village Planner addressed the landscaping, parking and the site traffic flow.


         Larry Paggi, Village Engineer addressed the rehabilitation of the dry wells, the potential future

         installation of a grease trap and notes on the plans for water and sewer. (Memo on file).


        Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney addressed the alternative plan selected by the board

        and suggested that the board refer the application to Dutchess County Planning for their review.

        It has been classified as a type two action so there is no further SEQR review required. Also, it is

        suggested that the applicant check with the landlord of the property that there are no agreements

        with other people on parking which would impact the parking calculations on the site.


        Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to refer the updated application when received to

        Dutchess County Planning for their review.

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        Cris Phillips moves to approve. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none,

        all in favor, Aye, Motion carried.


       3. Methodist Church                    - 38 Broad Street                      - Site Plan Application

                                                              - Christian Moore                     - Project Engineer

                                                                                                                    KC Engineering and Landscaping

                                                                                                                    56 Main Street

                                                                                                                    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


                                                              - Ray VanVoorhis                     - Architect

                                                                                                                  - Liscum, McCormack, VanVoorhis

                                                                                                                     181 Church Street

                                                                                                                     Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


       Ray VanVoorhis presented an overview of the plans for the three parcels involved in the project.


       Christian Moore presented the grading plans for the house showing the house movement and

       driveway location with the proposed curb cut. He also addressed the water and sewer lateral

       lines on Broad Street.


       Sarah Brown, Village Planner informed the applicants that the project is a Type 1 Action for

       SEQR and variances will be required. A demo permit will be needed from the Village Board

       even if the house is being moved. The Village Board will also need to be added as an agency on the

       EAF.  A plan should be provided on moving the house and a timeline when this will happen.


      Attorney Victoria Polidoro addressed the legal obligations of the applicant in case the building

      collapses in the process of the movement.


       Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion that the Planning Board act as lead agency for the

       Village Board and Zoning Board on this project. So moved, Theresa Cuchelo. Motion seconded

       by Cris Philips. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye, Motion carried.


        Attorney Victoria Polidoro informs the applicants that two more sets of plans must be dropped

        off to the Village Hall to be circulated to the Village Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.


        Planner Sarah Brown noted that a corrected EAF should be submitted with the Village Board on it.


       4. Sidewalk Café Seasonal License Applications


          The Planning Board reviewed and approved applications for the following:


         1. The Dutchess BierCafe                3. IL Barlotto

         2.  Trattoria Locanda                      4. The Tomato Cafe


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Close Meeting:       


  Motion by: Reylene VanGeldern

  Seconded by: Theresa Cuchelo

  Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


  Respectfully submitted:

  Don Van Nostrand

  Planning Board Secretary



Friday, May 25, 2018 - 13:30


Planning Board

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