People & Portraits

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William Samuel Verplanck - Lawyer & Developer of Mt. Gulian
Henry DuBois Van Wyck - First President of Fishkill
James Dean - Fishkill Business Man
Horse & Carriage on Broad Street
Fishkill School Students
Vest-Pocket Railway on W.C. Gage Property
Joseph Bogardus - Owner of the Union Hotel in 1800s
Prptection Engine Co. Baseball Club - 1905
Grand Union on Main Street
Hay Wagon in 1909
Meat Market in 1926 - Jasper Urquhart (right) was Manager
Gathering Outside of the First Reformed Church
Firemen's Parade (Protection Engine Co.)on Main Street - 1906
Fishkill Elementary School in the 1920s
Students at Fishkill Elem. School in May 1936
Miss Shaw's Class in 1908 at the Fishkill School
Kniffen's Garage on Church Street in 1936
Fishkill Car Repair Mechanics
Fishkill Car Repair Mechanics
Protection Engine Van Wyck Hall 1905
Protection Engine Van Wyck Hall 1905