Planning Board Meeting 5/24/2018

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Van Wyck Hall, 1095 Main Street, Fishkill, NY 12524


                                                                                                                 May 24, 2018




          Chairman Hans Klingzahn opens the meeting at 7:00 pm.


Roll call: Present: Hans Klingzahn, Theresa Cuchelo, Stephen Brown, Reylene VanGeldern,

Suzanne Speziali Absent: Cris Phillips. Also present: Sarah Brown, Village Planner, Larry

Paggi , Village Engineer. Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney and Don Van Nostrand, Board Secretary.


Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting held on April 15, 2018. Reylene VanGeldern, so moved. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none, all in favor, Aye. Motion carried.                            


Public Hearing:                                                                                              


            1. None




            1. New Creations Gift Shop    - 1042 Main Street                        - Sign Permit Application

                Applicant:                            - Michele McArch                         - Business Owner

                                                              - Laura Wolf                                  - Business Owner


             Michele McArch presented a sample of the new proposed sign with the exact colors.


             Chairman Klingzahn reads a memo from the Village building inspector, Tom VanTine

             stating that the proposed hanging sign on a pre-existing sign post comply to regulation.

             Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


             Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept the new sign permit application for New Creations at 1042

             Main Street as per application. Motion seconded by Stephen Brown. Discussion none, all in

             favor. Aye. Motion carried.


           2. Sotano                                    - 1036 Main Street                      - Sign Permit Application 

               Applicant:                              - Jaime P Patino                         - Business Owner


             Jaime Patino owner of Sotano Restaurant presented the sign to the board and requested



             Chairman Klingzahn read building inspector Tom VanTine’s comment letter which stated

             that both the existing sign post and sign comply to regulations.

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          Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion.


          Theresa Cuchelo moves to accept the new sign permit application for Sotano Restaurant at 1036

          Main Street as per application. Motion seconded by Reylene VanGeldern. Discussion none, all in

          favor. Aye. Motion carried.


         3. Firehouse lll Reality Corp            - 19 Robinson Street             - Certificate of Appropriateness

             Applicant:                                      - Todd W Gocha                   - Property Owner


           Todd Gocha, President of Corporation informed the board that the downstairs of the building

           would be professional/commercial and residential upstairs.


           Chairman Klingzahn read building inspector Tom VanTine’s comment letter which stated that

           the applicant was submitting a certificate of appropriateness application for several physical

           changes he was going to make at 19 Robinson Street. In reviewing all of the information I am

           in full support of the application. The proposed improvements will reflect favorably upon the

           Village business district.


            Todd Gocha presented the proposed changes to the front door, front window, paver stones in

            front of the building, a historical plaque will be mounted on the front of the building, new

            windows on the side of the building as well as new windows on the back of the building. Also,

            metal railing will be installed around the decking.


            Chairman Klingzahn entertains a motion on the building improvements for 19 Robinson Street.


            Stephen Brown makes a motion to approve the certificate of appropriateness for the building

            At 19 Robinson Street. Motion seconded by Theresa Cuchelo. Discussion none, all in favor.

            Aye. Motion carried.   





          4.  Ready Coffee                      - 986 Main Street                   - Site Plan/Special Use Permit

              Applicants:                          - Jennifer VanTuyl                - Attorney, Cuddy & Feder LLP         

                                                            - Jed Bonnem                         - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                            - Stephen Dunn                      - Ready Coffee Owner

                                                            - Jamie Logiudice                  - Insite Engineering, Surveying

                                                            - Anthony Russo                    - Traffic Consultant

                                                            - Norm DiChiara                   - Architect


            Chairman Klingzahn announced that he noticed that there were people in the audience

            that were interested in this application and please be advised that this was not a public hearing

            tonight so comments will not be heard from the public at this time.


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        Attorney Jennifer VanTuyl representing the Ready Coffee project informed the board that

        the submission this month was comprehensive in the sense that  over the past month many tweaks

        and improvements have been taken place in the proposals in relating to the site plan, traffic

        circulation, etc. What we did this month was submit a comprehensive resubmission that included     

        all the improvements to date in the plans.


        Jedd Bonnem, Ready Coffee Owner presented an overview of the project explaining what the

        project would be bringing to the Village of Fishkill.    


        Jamie Logiudice, Insite Engineering presented the updates to the site plan updates since the last

        meeting held the previous month. Updated site plans on file.


        Anthony Russo, Traffic Consultant addressed the traffic flow on the proposed site and covered the

        traffic survey performed on the site as well as a utilization parking survey.             


        Sarah Brown, Village Planner addressed the landscaping, lighting, drive through, parking, signage,

       and turning radius identified by the fire department. (Memo on file)


        Larry Paggi, Village Engineer addressed the drainage on the site which will be addressed during

       construction. Technical issues are falling into place at this stage of the project.  (Memo on file).


       Victoria Polidoro, Planning Board Attorney addressed the referral to Dutchess County Planning

       which was hand delivered so the comments are outstanding.


       Chairman Klingzahn reads a memo to the board from Code Enforcement Officer Tom VanTine

       addressing a concern  on the parking situation on the site which will need to be addressed when he

       returns from vacation.


       The applicants will be scheduled to return at the next meeting in June.                  





       3. Toro Restaurant                  - 1069 Main Street                        - Site Plan Application

                                                         - Scott Buchholz                               Fusco Engineering

                                                                                                                    233 East Main Street

                                                                                                                    Middletown, NY 10940                                                                                                                 


                                                          - Ken Stenger                                - Attorney, Stenger,Roberts

                                                                                                                  - Davis, Diamond, LLP


       Scott Buchholz informed the board that the last time this application was before the board

       was last September and there were a number of items that had to be worked out. There were

       underground utilities improvements that had to be made and about 95 percent of the

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       improvements have been made however there is an outstanding issue with access to the back

       parking lot.


       Attorney Ken Stenger addressed the issue on the driveway easement and a lengthy discussion

       was held between Village Engineer, Larry Paggi and Village Planning Board Attorney Victoria



      It was agreed that Attorneys Ken Stenger and Victoria Polidoro would work on the easement

      issues and report at the next Planning Board meeting in June.


     Village Engineer, Larry Paggi also pointed out a problem with a drainage problems between

     properties on this site and should be clarified.                                                                                                                   


     Sarah Brown, Village Planner addressed her comments. (letter on file).    







Close Meeting:       


  Motion by: Theresa Cuchelo

  Seconded by: Reylene VanGeldern

  Votes for: 5 Votes against: 0 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


  Respectfully submitted:

  Don Van Nostrand

  Planning Board Secretary












Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 09:30


Planning Board

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