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See below for information on possible funding for any storm damage done last week. Please note this is not a promise or guarantee, but the least we can do is submit any information and hope for results. NOTE the deadline for submission to the County is May 30th, so information MUST BE SUBMITTED TO The Village of Fishkill by MAY 29th:
Subject: Storm recovery costs
As you know while last week’s storm had a devastating impact on parts of your communities the storm by definition did not meet the “Major Disaster” criteria for a Stafford Act Declaration. It appears a week out from the storm we will not meet those thresholds.
At this point our residents have a zero percent chance for any type of funding to supplement what they may receive from their insurance.
However, we feel there may be a benefit, although slight, if we collect information, gather it together and then submit those numbers to New York State Department of Homeland Security-Emergency Management. The worst they can say is there is no opportunity for funding. County Executive Molinaro and our staff believe it is worth the effort.
Attached you will find a form fillable .pdf. It asks for basic information and estimates of loss and any potential costs. If you are willing, we ask that you share this form with your impacted residents. We are asking that you have them returned to you. Once you have collected them all you can then forward them to our office to the attention of Bill Beale, Emergency Manager (wbeale@dutchessny.gov). Once we have the information we will format it for submission to NYS. Unfortunately, the timeline for this is tight.
We must have all information submitted to us by close of business Wednesday May 30. We need a day to get it gathered and submitted in an organized fashion to NYS.
They form can also be found on the following link: